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 [Guide] Running Stealthlite on 64bit systems

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PostSubject: [Guide] Running Stealthlite on 64bit systems   Tue Apr 14, 2009 4:17 pm

This is a guide to help people who are having trouble running stealth on x64 systems including Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 beta.

Part I : Getting what you need!
First you wanna start by making sure you have everything you would normally need on a x86 architecture system:
-.NET Framework 2.0 or higher (Latest is 3.5) - Link
- Library Files - Link
- Latest version of Testosterone (Currently 7.19) - Link
- Latest Silkroad Online Client version, or corresponding client version for Testosterone
- Latest version of StealthLite - Link
- Also to ensure smooth gameplay and general running of your computer, have the latest drivers available.
If you have all of these you should be set and ready to start.

Part II : Setting up SrProxy
This part only needs to be done once!

To beable to run the bot without getting this error;

you have to use SrProxy. (SrProxy can be located in "NuConnector/other/SrProxy.exe")
To begin, run stealthlite.exe and refer to the following picture for the next steps.

1 - Obviously set your sro_client.exe directory
2 - Have this checked off
3 - Browse to your SrProxy directory and set it
Now that you have that set run SrProxy.exe, your setting should look similar to these

1 - Check the RevBot compatibility box
2 - Hit start
Now all you do is simply press the start button on Stealthlite.
Notice you will still get this message:

That is perfectly fine, now close everything (Stealthlite and SrProxy).

Part III : Running the bot
This time you run SrProxy first and check off the settings previously shown. Then run Stealthlite. If done properly the top of your SrProxy Window should look like this:

If it does, your ready to use loader. Run loader and check off the box for Redirect IP.

At this point you can login normally and should be able to bot.
If everything is setup correctly in the end, SrProxy's window header should look similar to this:

After getting into the game press F8 to configure stealth bot and F9 to run it.

Part IV : Other notes
Sometimes when trying to login for long periods of time it will say that the bot has disconnected despite not actually being logged in, if this does occur just click no and continue to try to login.
This guide was written and tested by me 302398 (my user on steathex forums).
This guide can be originally found on steathex forums.
x64 systems tested on:
Windows 7 Beta 7077 - Working
Vista Ultimate - Working
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[Guide] Running Stealthlite on 64bit systems
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