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 testosterone & afk deleveler

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PostSubject: testosterone & afk deleveler   Sun Apr 13, 2008 11:25 am

Testosterone version 6.9

Mirror on Rapidshare
Mirror on FileFront

d6d49b8a011f0336a437fad432d1ad2a *C19H28O2.dll
f7f084268e03355ad07fb11d0bb8aa71 *Loader.exe


[*] Muliclient.
[*] Auto relogin (please wait about 12 seconds after message "Failed to connect to server").
[*] Nude patch.
[*] Infinity zoom.
[*] Disable swear filter.
[*] Minimize in taskbar (low memory mode)
[*] Mini-mode (1/6 screen size)
[*] Windowed mode.
[*] Toggles hiding players and monsters. (Holding 'v' key).
[*] Toggles showing loot on ground. (Holding 'z' key).
[*] Weather control.
[*] Auto-rise mastery.
[*] Auto-accept resurrection.
[*] Auto-accept invite to party
[*] Auto-distribution of status points.
[*] Alarm on private message.
[*] Alarm on unique monster.
[*] Alarm on a bargain start.
[*] Unique monster log.
[*] Block messages (All, Whisper, Party, Guild, Union, Global)
[*] Character info window.
[*] Loader configuration dialog.
[*] Redirection the client to local port (substitute for media-patcher)
[*] Auto de-murderer
[*] Auto heals pets

AFK Deleveler
Last Update: April 8, 2008

-Allows for the easy deleveling of a character in silkroad while being away from the computer

-Step by step instructions
-Only one computer needed
-User set time length
-Does not require any active windows while deleveling
-Checks memory for current hp to decide when to res

-Any multiclient program
-Computer that can handle two clients
-Cleric or Force using Chinese char

-Download files
-Place Offsets.ini in the same folder as the deleveler
-Run program
-Set Cleric and Nub first
-All other instructions are given by the program

-AFKdeleveler2p2.exe: http://files.filefront.com/AFKdeleveler2p2exe/;9971443;/fileinfo.html
-MD5: CC8DA93EF86D1FA33E81D3E8F7DA397C
-MD5: 37102797791817939D89C901A4F412E5

if you want to delevel your self you'll have to download the multi client loader which ill post when i find the program again.

*credit and thanks goes to rumata 4 testosterone & to gman22 4 afk deleveler!*


*Sig by DarkMachineô

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testosterone & afk deleveler
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