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 [ NEW!! Stelath/Invis Media.pk2 ]

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PostSubject: [ NEW!! Stelath/Invis Media.pk2 ]   Sat Jul 26, 2008 4:13 pm

9d Stealth/Invisible Mod

i modified the media pk2 to allow you to see any stealth/invisible chars. have fun!! xD

Make a copy of your Media.pk2 file as a back-up & place in a different folder.
Download my edited Mediapk2 file.
Copy new edited Media.pk2 back to SRO Directory and overwrite.


Stealth/Invis Media.pk2

virustotal.com scan: cherry :pac-man: cherry

*the Media.pk2is huge so it would take awhile to scan. but i assure you this file is safe since i modified it myself.
but feel free to scan it for yourself at virustotal.com or anywhere else you would like.


*Sig by DarkMachineô

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[ NEW!! Stelath/Invis Media.pk2 ]
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